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 imageColor Balloon
Image of Color Balloon

  1. Available captive for many hours.
    • Transmission of helium gas is minimum.
      If compare with a general rubber balloon, captive hour is more than 2 times.
    • Available captive for long time under sunshine of summer.
  2. Durableness
    • Excel as heat-resistances and aging-resistances.
  3. No discoloration
  4. Low price
    • Price is lower than advertising balloon which is made by vinyl.
  • Natural rubber
  • Round
  • After pumped helium gas, round is being kept, no transformation.
  • Red, Blue, Yellow, White etc.
  • Type 200 = 4 feet (Diameter)
  • Type 300 = 5.5 feet (Diameter)
We can produce any color / size balloon depending on your preference.
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